Stop in, have a cup of coffee, drop off a resume and introduce yourself! Here’s what we look for in our team…

Employment at our business means expectations for performance at a professional level.
You will report to shift lead, assistant manager and owner.
This position is expected to please existing customer base, which consists of very savvy coffee consumers and is knowledgeable and passionate about quality tea, coffee and espresso. Baristas must provide awesome service, meet high expectations of ownership and continue to grow the business and contribute to the environment.

Key Accountabilities - and indicators of effectiveness

·         Communication
must clearly recite drink orders to team and deliver drinks to customers. Elucidate tasting notes and technical differences in coffees. Meet our regulars and get to know their names.

·         Team Work
works well in tandem with others, clearly communicates, assists, delegates, asks for help, anticipates needs of customers and coworkers, plans ahead and has consideration for crew and guests.

·         Dependability
punctual as well as mentally present and focused.

·         Initiative
excited and prepared to brew amazing coffee, provide considerate service, get creative, keep learning, stay fresh!

·         Personal conduct and appearance
follows dress code. Respect for self, team, customers. No bigotry permitted. Keep space clean at all times.

·         Customer Service
demonstrates instinctual and learned knowledge of great service. Polite but firm in regards to appreciating and maintaining the atmosphere.

·         Know-How
Experienced in espresso, coffee & loose leaf tea preparation. Demanding atmosphere requires your constant attention and positivity. If you do not have coffee experience, reach out and help us understand why you want to work in coffee and how you can make a contribution to our team.

Necessary skills: Maintain key relationships with management, team and vendors.
Curiosity about brewing techniques and drink creation.
2 plus years of coffee experience preferred.
As a reward for your commitment, you will find a workplace where you have the proper equipment and guidance to brew delicious coffee. You will receive recognition for your efforts, work with people who will encourage your development as a barista, and a find a place where your opinions count. We look forward to working with you!