May events and specials by amy weiland

On April 27th, we are happy to host the Black Bear Club reading series from 6 to 9pm. Six talented writers from across the Eastern US are gathering together to present their works - please check out the linked facebook page for more info.

On May 5th, please join us for another tasty Pop-Up with Threefifty Bakery! From 9 to noon, swing through for biscuit sandwiches, cinnamon buns, and delicious coffee. If you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy Ceremony's Spring Blend, Burundi Masha, or the amazing lineup of coffees from Colombia, you need to visit us ASAP!

Saturday, May 12th, we will be setting up shop at Switch and Signal Skate park. If you haven't visited yet, come by for some coffee and snacks. It's a beautiful and thoughtfully designed space, right off the Roslyn street bus stop. Saturday from 9am to 1pm is the 12&Under session, so parents are welcome to hang out with their lil' rippers on the floor of the park or chill with some coffee and a book! We're stoked!

It's been a lot of fun to create these seasonal drink specials, so thank you for your curiosity and enthusiasm! Swing by this month to try our Taurus-inspired beverage. Each sign is an answer to it's predecessor, and with all the pushing and motivated action of Aries season, Taurus the Bull reminds us how to take a break. To channel that mood, we're going herbal this month.

Attempting to determine how to make the best of our resources, the Bull ruminates. To encourage thoughtfulness, we've made a sage tea syrup as our drink base. This also includes lavender, blackberry leaf, and nettle to encourage that feeling of freshness and earthiness the Bull loves. Each sign of the zodiac has a planetary affinity or two, something that resonates well with the feeling of the time. For Taurus, that planet is Venus. We've chosen Venusian fruits, peaches and mangoes, to accompany this drink mix and add some color and creaminess. We top it off with some sprinkles of chili to help break through any feelings of lethargy.

Cheers to a lovely and relaxing season!

Welcoming the Spring season! by amy weiland

We are excited to see the weather beginning to turn, and to say hello to the Spring season. This weekend, we will be closing at 1pm on April 1st to relax and steal a little family time. Thanks for your understanding!

I'd like to introduce our next series of drink specials. This series will encompass elements of the astrological season and our love of drink building to help you make the most of the meaning of the time. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and harbinger of the astrological new year, is known for it's ability to start fresh. Like a seed seeking to sprout, the season of the ram provides a primal knowledge that time for action is now, though the direction may not be entirely clear.  Meet our new Aries-inspired beverage - The Marlon Brando!

To please the warrior of the zodiac, we're including beet for endurance, but also for it's frank flavor profile. Aries are known for their "take it or leave it" attitude, and beets have no pretense about their earthy complexity. We add a shot of espresso, for focus, and almond milk for balance. We introduced some cardamom, for circulation to soothe an aching head. We're also throwing in some stevia, because the stressful pulse of the Aries lifestyle will make anyone need some sweet leaves in their life! At it's finest, Aries is the hero or protector, and we created this drink in the beautiful color red to fuel your passions, boost your confidence and help you champion others in true Aries spirit.

Please come through and enjoy this wonderful new drink special!

March Events! by amy weiland

Hey everyone! Thanks for a lovely holiday season and start to 2018. We have lots of great things planned for the Spring and will be so excited to share them with you.

Friday through this weekend, March 8-10, we are participating in Planned Parenthood's Power of the Purchase event. We will be donating all proceeds from sales of straight espresso to Planned Parenthood. Our house espresso, Destroyer, is not only absolutely delicious with notes of milk chocolate and orange peel, it is the perfect fuel for smashing all that remains of patriarchal authority! :0) In 2017, Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania saw 17,512 patients. Your espresso consumption will help folks in need of reliable health care get the exams and testing they deserve. Cheers!

If that isn't enough of a reason to come see us this weekend, our bakers Threefifty will be dishing up hot breakfast from 9 to noon on Saturday. Come through for a savory biscuit sandwich or hand pie!! We hope to see you soon!!

Filtration Update by amy weiland

Hey all! Thanks for continuing to support our little coffee shop. This summer was full of surprises and we're looking forward to a more relaxed pace over the fall.

After the issues with water quality plaguing Pittsburgh, we have been looking for better solutions for our drip coffee and espresso. We have been happy to work with WateRx - a company based out of Cincinnati that utilizes advanced technology to create cleaner drinking water. The system removes all bacterial content, lead, rust, sulfur, chlorine, mercury and pesticides. The healthy mineral content of the water remains, leading to tasty and high-quality H20. All of our fixtures are connected to the filtration system, so we are happy to brag about our water!

We are gearing up for holiday season, so sweatshirts and long sleeve tees are back in stock! If you are unable to stop by the shop to pick one up, we are happy to ship - if you'd like one mailed to you please get in touch;

Constellation will be closing early on Wednesday, 11/22, and remain closed Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th. We will be back in business on the 25th. Have a wonderful holiday!

Summer Recess by amy weiland

Hi Everyone!

We are so honored to have been nominated as one of your favorite coffee shops in the Pittsburgh City Paper. Thank you for the support and votes, folks!!

At Constellation, we are a small staff. To enjoy our Summer season to the final dregs, we are closing shop and heading out of town for a long weekend. The shop will be closed Friday August 25th through Monday August 28th. We will be back in action Tuesday morning!


Summer is here! by amy weiland

Hey Pittsburgh! I hope the summer season is lifting everyone's spirits with warm days and bright evenings. To celebrate, make sure to come in for a shot of Summer Blend espresso from Ceremony Coffee Roasters - sweet and creamy sorbet like texture, with a bright flourish of apricot acidity.

Speaking of summer fun, we are happy to see our bike parking fully occupied on the regular! If you're wondering how your bike could fit you better, please swing by on Sunday July 2nd for a meet and greet with Adam the Fitter. Having a bike that fits perfectly isn't just for folks who put in 200 miles a week, it's great for commuters and leisure riders, too!

If you've got a garden and need compost, please help yourself to our spent grounds anytime you're in the shop. We've always got a few bags to spare, and coffee grounds make a wonderful contribution to healthy compost. Also, make sure to check out Sustainable Pittsburgh's upcoming #sustainsmallbiz campaign. From July 1st to 15th, purchases at Sustainable Small Businesses can qualify you to win fun local prizes and goodie bags.

Iced drink season is in full swing, we will see you soon for that delicious iced coffee or cold brew! Thank you for your support!!!

International Women's Day by amy weiland

On March 8th, National Women's Liberation is working to plan a Women's Strike for women across the states. I am proud of this act of solidarity and chance to continue the energy started with the Women's Marches in January.

Unfortunately, for a lot of women, striking is not an option. Many families, particularly in female-run households, are living hand to mouth. I think it's important to call attention to the remaining wage disparity between male and female workers, so on March 8th, we will be open. We will be charging for drinks based on what you earn. As women in the states make about 77 cents on the dollar, all folks who identify as female will enjoy a 23% discount on March 8th. Cheers!


Water Safety Concerns by amy weiland

Hi everyone! Due to the recent press releases from PWSA, we are taking all the possible steps to ensure the safety of our products. Tomorrow, February 1st, we will be open regular hours, but will only be serving Chemex and tea until we have a temporary water system installed with potable water before 10am. We unfortunately will not have drip coffee until after PWSA fixes the issue. After the issue is resolved, we will be upgrading our four-stage filter (which does a lovely job removing mineral content, but not bacteria!) to a filtration system that also removes microbial and bacterial content. As always, thank you for your support!