Filtration Update / by amy weiland

Hey all! Thanks for continuing to support our little coffee shop. This summer was full of surprises and we're looking forward to a more relaxed pace over the fall.

After the issues with water quality plaguing Pittsburgh, we have been looking for better solutions for our drip coffee and espresso. We have been happy to work with WateRx - a company based out of Cincinnati that utilizes advanced technology to create cleaner drinking water. The system removes all bacterial content, lead, rust, sulfur, chlorine, mercury and pesticides. The healthy mineral content of the water remains, leading to tasty and high-quality H20. All of our fixtures are connected to the filtration system, so we are happy to brag about our water!

We are gearing up for holiday season, so sweatshirts and long sleeve tees are back in stock! If you are unable to stop by the shop to pick one up, we are happy to ship - if you'd like one mailed to you please get in touch;

Constellation will be closing early on Wednesday, 11/22, and remain closed Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th. We will be back in business on the 25th. Have a wonderful holiday!