Summer is here! / by amy weiland

Hey Pittsburgh! I hope the summer season is lifting everyone's spirits with warm days and bright evenings. To celebrate, make sure to come in for a shot of Summer Blend espresso from Ceremony Coffee Roasters - sweet and creamy sorbet like texture, with a bright flourish of apricot acidity.

Speaking of summer fun, we are happy to see our bike parking fully occupied on the regular! If you're wondering how your bike could fit you better, please swing by on Sunday July 2nd for a meet and greet with Adam the Fitter. Having a bike that fits perfectly isn't just for folks who put in 200 miles a week, it's great for commuters and leisure riders, too!

If you've got a garden and need compost, please help yourself to our spent grounds anytime you're in the shop. We've always got a few bags to spare, and coffee grounds make a wonderful contribution to healthy compost. Also, make sure to check out Sustainable Pittsburgh's upcoming #sustainsmallbiz campaign. From July 1st to 15th, purchases at Sustainable Small Businesses can qualify you to win fun local prizes and goodie bags.

Iced drink season is in full swing, we will see you soon for that delicious iced coffee or cold brew! Thank you for your support!!!