song tea

Spring 2016 by amy weiland

We are happy to be starting Spring with plenty of wonderful news!

If you haven't tried Ceremony's Annual Blends, Spring Blend is not to be missed! This coffee starts off with a smoky, billowing aroma, like a cool morning breeze, and as it settles in your mug it warms up to a lovely sweet peachy finish, like afternoon sunlight. It's the perfect way to welcome the season!

Also, we have heeded customer requests for something savory, and something more substantial to eat. We now have croissants (butter, or ham and cheese!) from Mediterra Bakery on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Naturi yogurts and M&R Kitchen Granola will also be available anytime during the week. Our delicious muffins, scones and other goodies from Threefifty Bakery will also be available anytime during open hours. Join us for a delicious coffee and locally prepared snack! Yum!

Every Friday, we will be the drop off spot for bouquets from Gold Dust Floral. Janessa's Pop-Up events have been so popular that now her work is available every weekend. The beautiful bouquets are available for just $15, and as summer approaches, her blooms include more and more locally grown varieties.

We are also excited to announce a new tea service. We have started working with San Francisco based Song Tea, and have been enjoying tasting and learning tons of great info about the world of tea! Song Tea works directly with producers to source all their options from China and Taiwan. These teas are like nothing we have tasted before - the focus on processing makes them each a unique experience. It's very exciting to enjoy a tea that gets the same attention as a single origin coffee.

From a green tea that is grown on a wild mountainside, making it naturally organic, to red teas that are bruised and sorted by hand to bring out the most flavor and only the most consistently sized leaves, to a rare and unique Taiwanese oolong that was roasted for over a week at very low temperatures to maximize sweetness and caramelization, Song Tea is doing an amazing job sourcing beautiful and interesting teas. We are honored to have them available at Constellation!

We are having lots of fun keeping things fresh at Constellation, we hope to see you soon, and thank you for making us a part of your day!