Welcoming the Spring season! / by amy weiland

We are excited to see the weather beginning to turn, and to say hello to the Spring season. This weekend, we will be closing at 1pm on April 1st to relax and steal a little family time. Thanks for your understanding!

I'd like to introduce our next series of drink specials. This series will encompass elements of the astrological season and our love of drink building to help you make the most of the meaning of the time. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and harbinger of the astrological new year, is known for it's ability to start fresh. Like a seed seeking to sprout, the season of the ram provides a primal knowledge that time for action is now, though the direction may not be entirely clear.  Meet our new Aries-inspired beverage - The Marlon Brando!

To please the warrior of the zodiac, we're including beet for endurance, but also for it's frank flavor profile. Aries are known for their "take it or leave it" attitude, and beets have no pretense about their earthy complexity. We add a shot of espresso, for focus, and almond milk for balance. We introduced some cardamom, for circulation to soothe an aching head. We're also throwing in some stevia, because the stressful pulse of the Aries lifestyle will make anyone need some sweet leaves in their life! At it's finest, Aries is the hero or protector, and we created this drink in the beautiful color red to fuel your passions, boost your confidence and help you champion others in true Aries spirit.

Please come through and enjoy this wonderful new drink special!