May events and specials / by amy weiland

On April 27th, we are happy to host the Black Bear Club reading series from 6 to 9pm. Six talented writers from across the Eastern US are gathering together to present their works - please check out the linked facebook page for more info.

On May 5th, please join us for another tasty Pop-Up with Threefifty Bakery! From 9 to noon, swing through for biscuit sandwiches, cinnamon buns, and delicious coffee. If you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy Ceremony's Spring Blend, Burundi Masha, or the amazing lineup of coffees from Colombia, you need to visit us ASAP!

Saturday, May 12th, we will be setting up shop at Switch and Signal Skate park. If you haven't visited yet, come by for some coffee and snacks. It's a beautiful and thoughtfully designed space, right off the Roslyn street bus stop. Saturday from 9am to 1pm is the 12&Under session, so parents are welcome to hang out with their lil' rippers on the floor of the park or chill with some coffee and a book! We're stoked!

It's been a lot of fun to create these seasonal drink specials, so thank you for your curiosity and enthusiasm! Swing by this month to try our Taurus-inspired beverage. Each sign is an answer to it's predecessor, and with all the pushing and motivated action of Aries season, Taurus the Bull reminds us how to take a break. To channel that mood, we're going herbal this month.

Attempting to determine how to make the best of our resources, the Bull ruminates. To encourage thoughtfulness, we've made a sage tea syrup as our drink base. This also includes lavender, blackberry leaf, and nettle to encourage that feeling of freshness and earthiness the Bull loves. Each sign of the zodiac has a planetary affinity or two, something that resonates well with the feeling of the time. For Taurus, that planet is Venus. We've chosen Venusian fruits, peaches and mangoes, to accompany this drink mix and add some color and creaminess. We top it off with some sprinkles of chili to help break through any feelings of lethargy.

Cheers to a lovely and relaxing season!