Double Trouble! / by amy weiland

Our June calendar is filling up with plenty of fun happenings, events and announcements!

In addition to our delicious regular menu, stop in for our Gemini season beverage, the Marilyn Monroe! Some may accuse the Gemini archetype of being superficial, but the insatiable curiosity this sign feels leads it to always go further afield. Instead of valuing the consistency and reliability that came along with Taurus season, Gemini resists being tied to the same old routine.

So, in honor of versatility and adaptability, may we please present one drink two ways! We're pulling double shots split into a single espresso and an espresso macchiato. With Gemini being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, we know you've got a lot of people to talk to and places to be. This drink only takes a minute to enjoy and then continue on your merry way. We know it's hard to make up your mind, so during Gemini season, two heads are way better than one.

On June 2nd, make sure to stop by the Swissvale Farmers Market to see what the neighborhood has to offer. We will be serving coffee and snacks from 9-1pm. Conveniently located right off the Roslyn street busway.

Maybe you've noticed the new cooler in the corner of the shop? We're working on getting it all stocked up, so let us know what you'd like to see! Friday, June 15th our buds Pittsburgh Sandwich Society will be parked in front of the shop dishing out their amazing food! They'll also be stocking up our fridge with delicious sandwiches and salads. On Friday the 22nd, Lumi Juice will be here from 9 to noon dishing out their amazing products and giving you a chance to sample the good stuff coming out of their kitchen.

June moves fast, but we hope to see you soon!