Summer Solstice / by amy weiland

This Spring was definitely a whirlwind season! We are in the process of opening a second location! Join us at Satellite, our new café and espresso bar. We are hoping to be open by early July – stay tuned on social media @satellitepgh for the latest scoop, and visit us Saturdays at the Swissvale Farmers Market in the Noble Street Parking Lot.

Satellite is located at 7518 Dickson Street, inside Switch and Signal Skatepark. We’re not far from Edgewood Town Center and just a hop, skip and jump away from the Roslyn Street Busway. You are welcome to visit the skatepark, but don't have to skate to enjoy coffee and snacks. We hope to see you soon!

The season of the Crab begins with the summer solstice on the 21st of June. Represented by the moon, Cancer seeks to reflect and be nourished by its environment. This is a time of year when we tend to feel a little more emotionally raw, and need more comfort and support from our surroundings. We feel most safe in our shells, and approach the world with care.

Current events in East Pittsburgh and around the country have been testing our abilities to live our lives with compassion and vulnerability.  Cancer season reminds us to take the time to honor our sensitivity, and so we invite you into our space with a drink designed with watermelon, basil and aloe to soothe and nurture. Watermelon and aloe were chosen for their hydrating and healing qualities – they protect the skin from the sun’s rays. In many cultural traditions, basil is recognized for its strong flavor and said to have the ability to preserve and protect the home and family.

Visit the café to relax, and check out our new refrigerated options – we’ve got sandwiches and snacks from Pittsburgh Sandwich Society, as well as beautifully curated cheese plates from our neighbor, Chantal’s Cheese Shop. The cheeses were selected for their ability to complement and pair well with our coffee. Perfect for a picnic at the Bloomfield Pool!