August Specials / by amy weiland

Our sister cafe, Satellite, is now open! Come visit us 8am to 1pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday. We are also at the Swissvale Farmer's Market from 9am to 1pm every Saturday. We are fully stocked and ready to serve espresso drinks, drip coffee and iced coffee. We also have assorted snacks and cold-pressed juices. We're still getting comfortable in the space, but once we're done with a few last minute projects we'll expand our menu and our hours. Thanks for the support!

At Constellation, we are continuing our planetary elixir theme with the introduction of our almond granita. Lightly sweet and refreshing, try it paired with an espresso and croissant for a Sicilian-style breakfast treat. The Sun is now located in the domain of Leo the Lion, and represents a time when things are at their peak. Days are long, harvests are abundant, and celebrations are plentiful.

We've chosen almonds and orange blossom water as the flavorings for this snack because both fruits are grown in warm climates and enjoy a storied history. Almonds have long been appreciated as a super food, boosting brain power and lowering blood pressure; oranges represent a gift of sunshine. The shaved ice base acts a balance to all the strong flavors. Leo is sometimes considered "the King of the zodiac" because it is associated with the Sun, the center of our universe. We've all got our little empires to keep running smoothly, so it is our hope that this drink combination makes you feel like royalty - please enjoy it!