End of summer updates / by amy weiland

Here’s hoping you got the best out of that pool pass, enjoyed every BBQ opportunity, and had a great Pittsburgh summer. We’re very excited about our fall announcements this year!

One of the best things about working with Song Tea is the sourcing pays homage to the farms, the farmers, processing, and the seasonality of the teas. Huang Mudan brilliantly showcases the exciting, pioneering spirit and the intentional craftsmanship required to produce an amazing tea. Freshly picked in the Spring of 2019, it smacks of pineapple, fresh cracked peppercorn, and violet. Try it in store or grab a canister to brew at home. We are sorry to say goodbye to some of last season’s favorites, such as Buddha’s Hand, but make sure to try a cup of Ruby if you’re a devoted fan of experimental oolong teas. We are also happy to announce everyone’s favorite tea, Holy Basil has returned! This season’s tea menu is full of standout options, so come visit and see what’s new.

In addition to some changes in the tea lineup, we’ve got some switches happening at the pastry counter as well. All your favorites are still available, but we are also offering croissants and sandwiches from Madeleine Bakery. Madeleine specializes in freshly baked European breads and beautifully prepared pastries, the Kouign-Amman has been tough to keep in stock! Crustworthy Bakery has been supplying us with delicious sourdough based vegan goodies, made with locally milled flours. Yum!

You may have seen some new bags on the retail shelf lately. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must sample Moden, a roaster based out of Pittsburgh’s east end. Named for the Norwegian word for “ripe,” Moden sources coffees with attention to innovative growing practices, ethical land stewardship, and equitable treatment of workers and farmers. We are pleased to offer these additions to our brewing lineup!

We brew a lot of coffee daily, and it’s been a thorn in our side to see all that lovely, organic matter make it’s way to the trash. Customers are still welcome to get their fill of grounds for their gardens, but we are excited to be pairing up with the Zero Waste Wrangler for regular compost pickups! Our cold cups, lids, and straws are all able to be commercially composted, so feel free to return these to the shop so we can keep them out of landfills. Also, we offer great double-walled ceramic tumblers for hot coffee, so we can all cut down on the paper waste. Thanks for helping us to reduce and reuse! As for recycling, you can always throw your recyclables in the bus tub and we’ll make sure they get directed to the proper bin.

Cheers to a great start to the new season, and we hope to see you soon!